About Us

Porterhaus Butchery Niddrie Central

located the corner of Hofmans Rd and Keilor Rd Essendon

Is the new home for Andrew and Nadene McIntyre.

Bringing you the vast experience of supplying the best quality meat and service built on the supply relationships with the selected best meat providers in Victoria, which began back in 1984 at Mal McKays in Napier St Strathmore, then over 7 years runnung Commercial Butchers in the old Moonee Ponds Market, then over 7 years in the then fabulous Camberwell Market led into a 13 year stint creating Porterhaus Fine Food Butchery Moonee Ponds.                                                                                                                The wheel has turned again departing Moonee Ponds to concentrate wholly on creating Porterhaus Butchery Niddrie as the Finest Meat supplier taking our quality to the next level.                                                                                        Something that takes 100% hands on                                                                         Hence the move from Moonee Ponds to be solely a single entity in NIDDRIE

Spending the last 35 years serving the people of Melbourne and further, our business is built on our supply relationships with our best meat providers in Victoria. The best quality beef, lamb, pork, veal and chicken. It hasn’t taken 35 years to create these chains with the best producers, its been 35 years nurturing them!!                                                                                                  Our love is our fulfillment of giving someone the best, most awesome piece of meat that when you go to the trouble of preparing a meal for yourself or many that when you eat, you smile, you tastebuds sort of make you drool from amazing texture, flavour and tenderness. You share this with good friends and it doesnt matter where you are, you are enjoying life.                     This is what meat is to Us